Swiss Riviera Wine Tours (Guides)

Montreux, Switzerland

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Swiss Riviera Wine Tours (Guides)

Avenue des Alpes 45
1820 Montreux

Swiss Riviera Wine Tours organizes fun and educative wine tours. From two guests up to a maximum of eight guests you will enjoy and exclusive and warm welcome. Whether you are a wine lover yearning for a wine and food experience or a wine enthusiast curious to know what's behind the scene at little known Swiss wineries, this will be a memorable experience. For us, travelling in the Lavaux or Chablais wine region, anywhere, is very personal. It is about meeting the right people, knowing where to go, having the right contacts; but it is also about exploring the new and exciting, discovering brilliant wine producers and tasting their wines, the best local restaurants, the most beautiful or unexpected corner. And it is about sharing with others. Swiss Riviera Wine Tour provides half day private guided tours of Lavaux and Chablais, including transportation, tasting and access to unique settings. The price starts at 225 CHF per person (for a group of 6) and tours run with 2 people minimum. Swiss Riviera Wine Tour may quote corporate events or large groups.
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