Walking through the Bielersee vineyards (Biel)

The Bielersee is one of our hidden gems, the vineyard path runs through a beautiful landscape, between Twann and the heights of Ligerz. Along the way, on a clear day, you will enjoy a stunning view of the Bernese Alps. The dominant grapes in this region are Chasselas and Pinot Noir and you will find a couple of places to taste them along the way.


  • Situation: 7 minutes by train from Biel or 20 minutes by train from Neuchâtel
  • Start: Twann train station or by boat at Twann pier
  • Distance: 2.6 km
  • Duration: 50 minutes (non stop)
  • Difference in levels: 105 meters upwards and 103 meters downwards
  • Difficulty: easy walk
  • End: Ligerz train station
  • You can also take the boat on Lake Biel at Ligerz pier.


Points of interest


Wine store and tasting places


Renowned wineries




Hotels and B&B


*The list is not exhaustive