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This year 8 wineries will be presenting around 50 wines from the different Swiss regions.


Maître de Chais - Provins (Valais)

In the 20s, the wine industry is in crisis. Vine growers decide to join forces and create an independent organisation to produce and sell their wine. Today Provins is the largest wine producer in Valais and Switzerland. The size of the company yet does not compromise quality. Indeed, Provins is also the most decorated Swiss cellar with its team of five winemakers led by Luc Sermier and Damien Carruzzo. Damien Carruzzo is responsible for the specialties; he elaborates the wines of the prestigious range "Maître de Chais” (Cellar Master).

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Domaine Jean René Germanier (Valais)

Since Urbain Germanier gathered his first grape harvest in Balavaud in 1896, the Germanier family has been passionately devoted to its vineyard. Today Jean-René Germanier and his nephew Gilles Besse are the third and fourth generation to maintain this tradition. Their single aim is to produce top-quality wines that are an authentic reflection of the Valais soil and its Mediterranean climate. They know that everything depends on the grapes, which explains why they personally visit every plot each year. This means they have a close relationship with the wine-growers, requiring them to produce limited harvests and maintain environmentally-friendly cultivation processes, according to the Vitival standards.

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Domaine des Muses (Valais)

Domaine des Muses was founded in 1992 by Louis and Nicole Taramarcaz in Sierre, Valais. Their son Robert joined the family winery in 2002. Granges located in the heart of Valais, the main vineyard consists of five acres nestled in the foothills of “Pintset” near Sierre. The winery applies techniques of integrated production. The vines are grown using methods consistent with the requirements of ecology, limiting the use of insecticides, fungicides and pesticides. The vines are planted in relation with the land. The method of cultivation favors grape quality and harmony with the landscape. The grapes are harvested by hand and picked at optimum maturity. The goal is to produce healthy and quality grapes, as well as retain the richness of the indigenous flora of the vineyard and its environment.

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Vinigma (German Swiss & Valais)

For Vinigma, quality in the vineyards and in the cellar are the basis of a sustainable production. This means: natural management of the vineyard and careful observation of the plants throughout the year. It also means making the right interventions at the right time, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. To produce its wines Vinigma combines blends innovative technologies of the new world and the more traditional European methods and skills.

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Clos du Boux (Vaud)

The Massy family became wine-growers at the end of the 19th century, establishing their roots in Epesses. Luc and Margaret Massy have now taken the reins of the estate at the heart of Lavaux. The splendid mansion of Clos du Boux is the symbol of the estate and also the family residence, dominating the village of Epesses. Famous for its white wine, the estate also produces fresh, modern red wines.

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Domaine A Villars (Vaud - La Côte)

The origins of the winery are hard to pinpoint as they hark well and truly back to bygone days. The name Villars could stem from the Roman word ‘villa’, since the remains of an ancient Roman road appears to run through the property, at a spot known as “Chemin de la Touille”. But, it could also come from the aristocratic “de Villars” family, which owned it during the 13th Century.

When Philibert Frick took over the winery at the end of 2014, he opted for a viticulture that is more respectful of the environment. He therefore switched to organic farming - specifically choosing to follow the bio-dynamic principles laid out by Rudolf Steiner and passed on to him by Pierre Masson and Philippe Suardet. The wines he produces today are named after his mentors in the agricultural, viticultural and winemaking worlds.

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Domaine de Montmollin (Three Lakes - Neuchâtel)

The vineyards of this estate are to the west of Neuchâtel, mostly in the village of Auvernier. For several generations, the Montmollin family has been involved in managing the estate, and each new generation brings new innovations. Part of the estate is now cultivated using biodynamics. A wide range of wines is produced from many different grape varieties and wine-making techniques.

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Gialdi & Brivio Vini (Ticino)

Gialdi Vini was founded in 1953 by Guglielmo Gialdi. Today, his son, Feliciano, heads up the company. Originally established as a wine merchant, the firm underwent a major transformation in 1984 when Feliciano acquired wine operations in the lower Leventina and began producing Ticino wines. Thanks to Gialdi Vini’s substantial and ongoing investments in its wineries in Mendrisio and Bodio, the business, which today includes the companies Brivio (since 2001) and Zamberlani (since 2006), now processes nearly a million kilograms of grapes into wine every year. Gialdi’s wide range of products features wines from Sopraceneri, the grapes for which are provided by more than three hundred winegrowers from the lower Leventina, Riviera and Bleniotal areas who have been cultivating grapes with care and passion for generations. Recently Gialdi Vini expanded its production and equipped its operations with state-of-the-art technology.

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