Key facts about Switzerland


6 regions

Valais 33%, Vaud 25% & Geneva 10% (together known as the upper Rhône valley 68%), Eastern Switzerland 19% & Neuchâtel 5% (together part of the Rhine basin 24%) and Ticino 7% (South of the Alps).


4 main and a variety of unique local grapes

Main grapes are red Pinot Noir (27%) white Chasselas (23%), red Gamay (10%) and red Merlot (7%). Plus some indigenous grapes (15%) and international grapes (13%)

Main Swiss indigenous grapes include white Arvine 3%, red Humagne 3%, red Cornalin 3%, red Gamaret 3%, red Garanoir 1%, white Amigne 1%, white Raüschling 1%, white Completer 0.1%


True alpine wines

Switzerland for its most part is located in a mountainous climate zone (Köppen scale), characterized by warm summers and cold winters. The mountainous landscape also define the soils, which are very mineral. The level of rainfall and sun exposure differentiates the regions.


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Our listing reflects two major ratings by industry experts. The Gault & Millau top 100 Swiss wineries based on the overall quality of the production. The Swiss Wine Memory, which is dedicated to the promotion of old vintages.

All wineries and wines listed in our database are described in detail and there is information as to where they can be sourced.
Most wineries grow wines under a Swiss label for integrated production that restricts the use of chemicals and bans pesticides; some also operate in biodynamic conditions.


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All wineries are part of the Gault and Millau top 100 wineries and/or the Swiss Wine Memory (top 50)


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