Best European Sommelier 2017

The 2017 edition of the Best European Sommelier contest took place in Vienna, Austria, from 8 through 12 Mai 2017. The organiser is the A.S.I. (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale). The contest includes a series of challenges which brought together 37 sommeliers out of 34 European countries and 3 African countries.

For the semi finals 12 contestants gathered in Vienna with the ambition to succeed to the Jon Arvid Rosengren from Sweden who won in 2013, in Sanremo, Italy.

  • Christian Jacobsen (Danemark/Denmark),
  • David Biraud (France),
  • Terry Kandylis (Grèce/Greece),
  • Julie Dupouy (Irlande/Ireland),
  • Raimonds Tomson (Lettonie/Latvia),
  • Piotr Pietras (Pologne/Poland),
  • Julia Scavo (Roumanie/Romania),
  • Aleksandr Rassadkin (Russie/Russia),
  • Jakub Pribyl (République Tchèque/Czech Republic),
  • Eric Zwiebel (Royaume-Uni/United Kingdom),
  • Robert Andersson (Suède/Sweden),
  • Fabio Masi (Suisse/Switzerland).

Last Wednesday they faced workshops and test which led to the final selection of the finalists.

The winners of this year's competition are:

  1. Raimonds Tomson (Lettonie/Latvia) - Best European Sommelier
  2. Piotr Pietras (Pologne/Poland)
  3. Julia Scavo (Roumanie/Romania) - ex aequo with - David Biraud (France)