Grand Prix du Vin Suisse - The 73 nominees are...

In June 2007, following the first Grand Prix du Vin Suisse tasting, organised by Vinum and Vinea in Sierre, I was frustrated. The last day, we tasted two very distinct wines, a typical Räuschling from the canton of Zurich, which received only 83 points in my tasting group dominated by French speaking contributors. Meanwhile an almost oily Johanisberg with low acidity was granted a golden certificate. At that moment I felt the weight of the "Röschtigraben" at my tasting table ("Röschtigraben" is the name for the language and cultural barrier between the French and the German speaking Switzerland). The French Swiss had very different ideas than the German speaking about what a good wine was.

Ten years later, 150 winemakers, wine merchants, sommeliers and journalists gathered again to taste around 3,000 wines at the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse. And the miracle happened! The Räuschling received among the highest scores from the Valais tasters and German Swiss contributors finally find took pleasure in discovering the uniqueness of the Johannisberg. Obviously in 10 years, not only tasters evolved, so did the quality of wines.

The Grand Prix du Vin Suisse impacts several aspects of the Swiss wine community: first the Gala in Bern celebrates the best Swiss winemakers and gold or silver medals, which rime with quality, are always appreciated by consumers. Second this exercise helps develop a federalist wine scene, multilingual and multicultural.

Thomas Vaterlaus, editor in chief at Vinum


Here are the 73 nominees for the 2016 selection

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SCHAUMWEIN: Domaine Les FaunesKartause IttingenMauler & Cie SA (2x), Räblus-WeinbauRenaissance VinsVille de Lausanne

CHASSELAS: Cave Régence BalavaudChâteau Maison Blanche Yvorne Vaud Suisse, Domaine Chamvalon, Domaine des MusesLes Trois TerresMaurice Gay

MÜLLER-THURGAU: Rimuss-Kellerei Rahm & CoVolg Weinkellereien, Wägeli Weinbau «Zum Rappen», Weingut Hämmerli, Weingut zum Sternen, Zahnd erlesene Weine 

SORTENREINE WEISSWEINE: Cave CorbassièreCave des deux rivesCave La SiserancheCave le Tambourin, Cave Saint Philippe, Domaine du Mont d'Or

WEISSE ASSEMBLAGEN: Adrian & Diego Mathier Nouveau Salquenen AGCave Les Sentes Serge HeymozCharles Bonvin FilsDaniel Magliocco & filsProvins Valais, Weinbau Mariazell

ROSÉ: Robert Andrey SchafisCaves OrsatDomaine Château du Crest, Weingut Gehring, Maison Gilliard (Robert Gilliard), Uvavins Cave de La Côte

GAMAY: Cave David Rossier, Cave Gérald Besse, Cave Gilvert Devayes, Domaine de la Vigne Blanche, Domaine Jean-René Germanier, Société Cooperative Viticole Villeneuve

PINOT NOIR: Domaine Chantemerle, Domaine La CapitaineWeingut DavazWilli Ryffel, Weinbaugenossenschaft Schinznach, Strickhof - Kompetenzzentrum für Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft

MERLOT: Cave les CrêtetsCantina Sociale MendrisioFattoria Moncucchetto, Kellerei Leukersonne, Vini & Distillati Angelo Delea SA, Vini Rovio-Gianfranco Chiesa

SORTENREINE ROTWEINE: Cave Des Champs - Claudy Clavien - Miège / Valais, Cave de St-Romain, Cave la Romaine, Cave la Siseranche, Gregor Kuonen - Caveau de SalquenenTerreni alla Maggia SA

ROTE ASSEMBLAGEN: Agriloro SACantina Cristini e FigliCave du Chevalier BayardDomaine du FeuillerageLampert's Weingut Heidelberg, Zweifel & Co. AG

WEINE MIT RESTSÜSSE: Cave des BernunesCave Philippe Varone VinsDomaine des Sieurs, Gregor Kuonen - Caveau de Salquenen, Les Fils de Charles FavreVins des Chevaliers