Walking through the vineyards of Entre-deux-Lac (Neuchâtel)

From Neuville to Cressier, you will pass through beautiful vineyards and picturesque villages with a warm ambience. With a vineyard of over 50 hectares, Cressier is the fifth largest wine-growing municipalities in the canton of Neuchâtel. Very pleasant and without particular difficulty, the ride will let you enjoy the sun, offers stunning views of Lake Biel and sets condition for a wine tasting on arrival!



  • Location: 15 minutes by train North East from Neuchâtel
  • Start: La Neuveville train station
  • Distance : 6 kilometers
  • Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Difference in levels: 73 meters upwards and 45 meters downwards
  • Difficulty : easy walk
  • End: Cressier NE train station


Points of interest

  • Cressier : Château de Cressier


Wine tasting places






Hotels and B&B


*The list is not exhaustive