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Walking along the bisse of Mont d'Orge (Valais)

The « Bisse » (typical irrigation canal in the Valais region) of Montorge, built in 1885, waters the vineyards of the south slopes of Montorge and flows into the Morge. Throughout your walk, you will cross many localities including the famous Domaine du Mont d'Or and beautiful old vineyards of Johannisberg.

Localisation: 10 minutes by bus from Sion, start : Pont-de-la-Morge, end: Pont-de-la-Morge, distance : 6.3 km, duration: 2 hours (non stop), difference in levels : 218 meters upwards and downwards, difficulty easy walk

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Walking through Martigny vineyards (Valais)

The path of the vineyards of Martigny invites you to a walk of a special kind. This culinary excursion starts from the city center to the castle of Bâtiaz and Plan-Cerisier hamlet.

Localisation: 5 minutes from Martigny city center, start: Pont de la Bâtiaz, ends: Pont de la Bâtiaz, duration: 1 hour 45 minutes, distance: 5.7 km, difference in levels: 206 meters upwards and 214 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walk

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Walking through Fully vineyards (Valais)

This walk offers an amazing view of the Rhone Valley, linking the chestnut trees area of  Branson and Vers l'Eglise. Several information panels ponctuate the way, they contain explanations on the evolution of the vine over the seasons as well as the singular points of the vineyards of Fully. During your hike, you can also discover the many booths (called “guérites”) scattered throughout the vineyard. These houses, used throughout the season for the cultivation of vines also provide shelter for breaks, especially at harvest time!

Localisation: 7 minutes from Martigny station, start: Branson, end: Fully, distance : 4.5 km, duration: 1 hour 30 minutes, difference in levels: 160 meters upwards and downwards, difficulty: easy walk

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Walking through the Chamoson vineyards (Valais)

Situated on alluvial cone, Chamoson is overlooked by the cliffs of Haut de Cry. Between vineyards, woods and streams, this walk will show you the sites and monuments of Sion. This path wants to pay tribute to nature and men who have shaped this wonderful country. Clean signaling pathway (yellow S on blue arrow) tag it and thematic panels supplement the information of the walker.

Localisation: 10 minutes East from Martigny or 10 minutes West from Sion, start: Saint-Pierre-de-Clages train station, ends: Saint-Pierre-de-Clages train station, duration: 1 hour 50 minutes (non stop), distance: 6.5 km, difference in levels: 174 meters upwards and downwards, difficulty: easy walk

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Walking through the vineyards in Weinfelden (Thurgau)

World-class wines are made in Thurgau. As you walk discover a superb landscape in a region located between Zurich and the Bodensee. From the path above the vineyards you will enjoy a fabulous view over the Alps on a clear day while walking next to the vineyards that produce renowned Pinot Noirs. The Bachtobel castle alone is worth the trail.

Location: 1 hour by train North East from Zurich, start: Weinfelden train station, end: Ottoberg-Märstetten train station, distance: 6.7 Km, duration: 2 hours (non stop), difference in levels: 160 meters upwards and 170 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walking

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Walking through the vineyards between Sierre and Salgesh (Valais)

The wine trail between Salgesh and Sierre, is an educative and family oriented trail. It is well sign posted and accessible all year round. The trail follows small access roads in the vineyards with very low traffic, it passes through winemakers neighborhoods and the beautiful natural site of the Raspille gorge. 80 explanatory panels are posted along the trail. They highlight the features of the landscape, the various grape varieties, techniques and history of the vineyard.

Location: 1 hour 30 minutes by train East from Lausanne or Bern, start: Salgesh train station, ends: Sierre train station, distance: 5.6 Km, duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: 110 meters upwards and 120 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walking.

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Walking through the Mandement vineyards (Geneva)

At the western tip of Switzerland, where the Jura Mountains and the Alps meet lies a lovely vineyard. It is only 15 minutes away by train from the international city of Geneva. The region is picturesque with the Salève Mountain in the background. The dominant local grapes are the white Chasselas and red Gamay. Along a lovely trail you will find places to stop and taste local wines.

Location: 15 minutes by train West from Geneva, start: Satigny train station, ends: Russin train station, distance: 7.6 Km, duration: 2h minutes (non stop), difference in levels: upward 100 meters and downward 140 meters, difficulty: easy walking

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Walking through the Chablais vineyards (Vaud)

At the western door of the Alps lies a small but interesting vineyard. At the center stands the city of Aigle dominated by its castle. The reputation of the village of Yvorne goes way beyond Switzerland. The dominant local grape is the white Chasselas. The region is very picturesque and offers a lovely trail and many places to stop and taste the local wines.

Location: 30 minutes East of Lausanne, 15 minutes from Vevey-Montreux, start and end: Aigle train station, distance: 6.4 Km, duration: 1 hour 45 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: upward 160 meters and downward 160 meters, difficulty: easy walking (red trail) – medium (blue trail)

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Follow Nic's steps on the steep slopes of the Dezaley (Lavaux)

Nic is the founder of Swiss Riviera WIne Tour. Passionate about food and wine, he also loves his 1966 Riva motorboat to tour the upper part of the lake Geneva.

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Walking through the Lavaux-UNESCO vineyards (Vaud)

​​Located just one hour away from Geneva by train and 15 minutes from Lausanne or Vevey-Montreux, the vineyards of Lavaux have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2007. Take a stroll through its 10'0000 terraces of vines, enjoy the fascinating landscape and breathtaking view over lake Geneva. They are plenty of opportunities on the trail to stop and taste wines from the local grape known as Chasselas.

Location: 15 minutes by train West from Lausanne, start: Cully train station, end: Rivaz train station, distance: 5.7 kilometers, duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (non stop), difference in levels: upward 214 meters and downward 225 meters, difficulty: easy walk


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