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The National Open Wineries days, the unmissable event for the Swiss, are postponed due to COVID19.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting Switzerland, the 2020 Open Wineries days are postponed in order to meet the recommendations of the Federal Council and the health and safety requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP). Meanwhile, in this period of confinement, Swiss wines stand by your side and are available through home delivery arranged by most wineries.

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​Discover the 2019-20 list of the 125 best winemakers by Gault&Millau

This seventh edition of the Gault&Millau awards brings the top Swiss winemakers in the limelight beyond the Swiss borders. In addition to the list of now 125 deserving producers, the guide is enriched with two special categories that highlight the special merits of certain producers: the "rookies" and the "icons". This 2020 edition offers a number of interesting changes and nominations.

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Wines in and around the Swiss Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz (GRBR), a super luxury Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort in the hot springs village of Bad Ragaz is a dream destination for the health conscious affluent for a relaxed sojourn, where there is also ample opportunity to taste a wide range of Swiss and foreign wines pa

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Yvonne Stöckli, the sommelier and her great wine book

The Gourmetguide «Gault Millau 2016» recently awarded Yvonne Stöckli the title of best sommelier. She has been committed to Swiss wines for more than 20 years. Portrait of a pioneer.


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Francesco Benvenuto, sommelier capo al nuovo ristorante IGNIV, dello chef Andreas Caminada

AnchorIl 16 dicembre 2015, quando apre la prima bottiglia nel nuovo ristorante al Grand Resort che Andreas Caminada dirige a Bad Ragaz, Francesco Benvenuto è in attesa, ma fiducioso, di fronte alle qualità del suo nuovo principale e capo dello staff, del quale ne apprezza lo spirito di collaborazione. 

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Switzerland's stunning vineyards yield wine only found here

By Lauren Mowery in USA Today Travel  / November 2015

Switzerland's vineyards hide in plain sight. It seems impossible that tourists driving around the compact country wouldn't notice the thousands upon thousands of green vines planted neatly across rows of stone terraces, yet Swiss winemakers report exactly that.

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Weingut Georg Fromm: Burgundy and New Zealand as models

We met Georg Fromm in his beautiful tasting room, which provides a view on the one side to the moutainous region of the Bündner Herrschaft and the other to the oak barrels lined up behind a glass wall. Wine has been flowing through the veins of the Fromm family since several generations; in 1912 Barthelemy Fromm was already awarded a gold medal for his red wine Schöpfi-Wingert at the Swiss Hospitality Industry Exhibition in Zurich.

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Walking through the Klettgau vineyards (Schaffhausen)

The Klettgau region is located on the Northern border of Switzerland, 10 kilometers West from the famous Rheinfall and the city of Schaffhausen. This walk takes place in beautiful vineyards surrounded with round hills, in a quiet and rustic area. The villages crossed are an invitation to relax and contemplate the panorama of the largest wine region in Northern Switzerland.

Location 15 minutes by train West from Schaffhausen, start: Neunkirch train station, end: Wilchingen-Hallau train station, distance: 9.5 km, duration: 2 hours 30 minutes, difference in levels: 102 meters upwards and 116 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walk


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Walking through the vineyards in Weinfelden (Thurgau)

World-class wines are made in Thurgau. As you walk discover a superb landscape in a region located between Zurich and the Bodensee. From the path above the vineyards you will enjoy a fabulous view over the Alps on a clear day while walking next to the vineyards that produce renowned Pinot Noirs. The Bachtobel castle alone is worth the trail.

Location: 1 hour by train North East from Zurich, start: Weinfelden train station, end: Ottoberg-Märstetten train station, distance: 6.7 Km, duration: 2 hours (non stop), difference in levels: 160 meters upwards and 170 meters downwards, difficulty: easy walking

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Bündner Herrschaft, the rise of a noble county

The small wine region of the Bündner Herrschaft (Graubünden) which also happens to be land of Heidi has continuously gained momentum in the past years. Wine lovers have not only discovered its wines, but also their prices which are on average higher than those produced in the Southwestern part of Switzerland. We asked ourselves if it was due to the relative proximity of the rich metropolis of Zurich, ultimately we found out that if you consider the quality, there are still pretty good bargains available in the Graubünden.

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